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7 May
Buttermilk pancakes with fresh fruit for breakfast. Happy Saturday!

Cheers to 2010, Hello 2011!

3 Jan

No better way to celebrate the new year than with amazing food and even better company. I hope everybody’s celebration was as memorable as mine. May the new year be filled with joy and prosperity for everyone!

For an easy, yet festive party favor, use ornaments as napkin holders. When the night is over, each guest can take one home!
A simple green salad topped with juicy lobster.
Braised short ribs with vegetables complimented by a white wine and parmesan risotto. The meat melts in your mouth…
So many to choose from, but by far my favorite dessert of the night was this fluffy dark chocolate mousse. Served in these miniature cups, the treat satisfies your sweet tooth without being overwhelming.
The sisquins (sisters+cousins=sisquins)! Yay
This photo was too cute to resist–even canines celebrate the new year!