Weekly Snapshots

5 Oct

For eighteen years, I avoided coffee like the plague. I would crinkle my nose at its bitter flavor and lingering aftertaste. I did not realize that I had been missing out on a revolution.

In recent years, artisanal coffee shops have popped up around the country and changed the way Americans consume this ubiquitous beverage. These intimate operations have designed a social coffee experience, encouraging you to mull over a ceramic cup with friends rather than rush out the door with a watered-down brew. So when Portland-based roaster Stumptown opened a store in Downtown Los Angeles, I had to check it out. I admired my barista’s attention-to-detail and savored the creamy, nutty flavor of my almond milk latte.

On a completely different note, I’ve been on a baking streak these past few days. I haven’t yet transitioned to cozy seasonal flavors, but look forward to picking up some gorgeous apples from the farmers’ market this weekend and breaking out my Fall spices.

A custom-made espresso machine featuring oak inlays, antique brass finishes, and gold leaf detail.

These jazzed-up, browned butter blondies were a hit at my cousin’s birthday party. Side note: the corner piece is always the best piece.

Fun fact about me: I’m not a frosting fan. Why mask moist, deeply chocolatey cake with a pound of sugary buttercream? I prefer the minimalism of an orange-cream cheese or chocolate glaze, topped off with dainty fresh berries.

Simple lunches are the best lunches. Also, who doesn’t love a good cheese plate?

My mom makes the prettiest bouquets with flowers from our garden. They always put a smile to my face, but especially when I’m working in the kitchen.


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