London Calling

11 Jul
My family and I landed in London this past Saturday and have since fallen in love with the picturesque city. The weather has been mild and delicately sunny, relieving us from the scorching Los Angeles heat. Today, we strolled the beautiful Hyde Park, filled with vibrant rose gardens and bushels of lush, overgrown plants.
In light of the pleasant weather, people flocked to the park with newspapers and picnic baskets in tow.
Harrods remains one of London’s most eclectic department  stores, carrying an extensive range of luxury items. My family and I visited the renowned Harrods food court where we purchased delicious specialty cheeses, cold cuts, and breads for our picnic in the park.

My few days in London have been so memorable. I admired the exquisite architecture, marveled at historical artwork, and indulged in delicious foods. Though I am reluctant to leave, I can barely wait to revisit Spain. In the coming weeks, I will share more personal photos and anecdotes from my unforgettable European vacation.

2 Responses to “London Calling”

  1. Sara July 12, 2011 at 4:14 am #

    ahhh i am soso happy you are blogging while on your vacay. london looks very peacefull…get ready for the 24/7 party in spain!!!

  2. lhamo Mashutzo August 10, 2011 at 3:22 am #

    love the view of the park..sooo much like my taste.i have followed u again.hope it shows now..follow back.take care

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